Leo february 21 astrology

You might find that you frequently get lost in in your mind, and have trouble keeping up with the real world! But your thoughts can be impressively powerful and spiritual, so keep feeding that vast brain of yours. Spiritual, artistic, peace-loving, and friendly, those born on the Aquarius-Pisces cusp are highly original people. This is the cusp most likely to be labeled "offbeat" or "eccentric".

You are highly intellectual, however, probably not so good with practical details and follow-through.

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Your intuitive powers are very strong, and delving into spiritual matters and philosophical ideals is much more important to you than just managing the details of day-to- day life. Your ability to stick to your guns alongside your outgoing, charismatic attitude will have you turning heads, making moves, and doing important things in this lifetime. Seek opportunities that will allow you freedom and independence! What it means is that you are especially in-tune with the feelings, fears, hopes, and needs of everyone around you. The humanitarianism of Aquarius combines with the empathy of Pisces to help you -- or maybe force you -- to take compassion and understanding to new heights.

You absorb the feelings of those around you and have a genuine desire to help others. The emotions of the world can often be negative, and could make you feel depressed or overwhelmed from time to time. Allow yourself the same love you so willingly give to others. Your innate sensitivity and love for humanity make you a very kind, caring, and generous individual.

It represents refinery and sobriety.

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This plant is known to symbolize hope, dreams and expectations. The zodiac flower could be used in gifts and decorative items. The multiple petals focused around the golden center suggest a complex and focused nature. You can enjoy this flower during summer to early fall.


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Aluminum symbolizes innovation and creativity. The zodiac metal could be used in accessories and jewelry items. Aluminum relates to travel, due to its lightness in weight. The sign of Pisces can bring some confusion our way, and it is important to see that February 21st represents a connection between entities that circle us, and one true Sun that we chose to circle.

It is in the reach of these individuals to recognize where the light and creativity come from, and what simply reflects it.

Zodiac Signs Dates: 12 Star Signs or Sun Sign Personality Traits

They will find jewels in other people and their own inner world, and be able to set them apart from those who don't have a creative strength of their own and talents that they weren't born with. This contributes to their managerial skills and abilities to control many people at once, and helps them bring their feelings to the surface bravely and in such a way to build up their confidence.

The Sabian symbol for Pisces representatives born on February 21st of a leap year and a year preceding it:. The Sabian symbol for Pisces representatives born on February 21st of two years following a leap year:.


This date holds within the danger of fire and too much warmth, and while these two symbols might not seem connected, they are intertwined through the endangerment of life itself. We will see that individuals born on the 21st of February rush into new experiences out of a need to show confidence, but aren't sure what they want to begin with and this makes them vulnerable.

Here, symbols already show the lost side of the zodiac and Pisces in hiding, in the desert dry, alone, or scared. Frailty is emphasized and a lot of tenderness and water is needed for life to continue.

Your Dog is in the Stars: Pet Personalities and Astrology

The most important thing those born on February 21st need to reach for is active and open self-expression. They will find their mission in communication and all those things that are opposite to the sign of Pisces where their Sun resides. A person born on this date needs to develop the talent to communicate, write, and move, and they will find their purpose to be to share the message from another world often the "underworld" with the rest of humankind.

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  8. With their inner light shining brightly, their eloquence will grow in time. As they learn to protect themselves from the outer world, they will discover the beauty of socializing and close encounters with their cosmic brothers and sisters. Toggle navigation astrological dates change. Virgo february 21 astrology People born on this date may feel unable to take on the responsibility of another human, fearful of not being up to the task.

    Love and Compatibility for February 21 Zodiac. February 21 Zodiac - Full Horoscope Personality? Lucky color; Lovers born on February 21 are enthusiastic and adventurous. Planetary Row They love dating and meeting new and exciting persons but when it comes to settling down they avoid any kind of attachment.

    February 21 Birthday Astrology Pisces is thought to be least compatible with Aquarius. It is thought to influence humanitarian efforts and ease communication between people.