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There is nothing that can fill up your life as much as a balance between the different aspects of life does and this is the time to learn and let it come in your life. You can have a better picture of your personality and maintaining it is now your responsibility. Get a good life and plan something out of the box, this year and you are surely going to remember it for a lifetime. There will be less financial aspects you need to worry about however maintaining a balance between your expenses and earnings is always appreciated.

Your Key Mantra for should be to give maximum input be it your personal life or professional life. The year will give you chances to enhance your image in public life and in your social circles to enjoy a much better domestic life. This would not only ensure you of great friends and family but your professional and financial prosperity too. Adapt what the time needs! Book Now. Know More. Yearly Prediction. Monthly Horoscope. Natural Ruby. Natural Pearl. Natural Emerald. Natural Blue Sapphire.

Natural Yellow Sapphire. Planetry Yantra. Hanuman Kavach. Kanak Dhara Yagna. Rudram Chamakam Yagna. Shree Yantra Pendant. He is organized, deeply rooted to his tradition, a man of word and commitment, this is Dr J N Pandey for you. Hailing from a traditional family of pundits no doubt he took up astrology and emerged as an eminent astrologer.

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His thesis for Doctorate research was on Astrological Computations for non-luminous planets. His urge for delivering best customer care and passion to follow the tenets of ISO quality standard has made www. Under his meticulous leadership, Cyber Astro has achieved great heights since inception. Even after huge success, his passion for expanding Cyber Astro is still on fire. Dr Pandey is looking after variety of roles with the organization in the capacity of Chief Operating Officer and Chief Astrologer.

He is considered as the back bone and brain behind the success of all ecommerce websites dealing in Astrology and Technology business of Cyber Astro Limited. With an LLB and M. Com degree in hand, he went out to explore the world. This was the time when he was also fascinated by astrology. In order to pursue his new found interest he learnt Jyotisharnav from Bangla Pandit Parishad and is one of the most experienced astrologers with 25 years of experience in this field.

He is exclusively associated with Cyberastro since He is the astrologer among the entire team who specializes on the most popular Life Prediction reports and Future-O-Scope reports for our customers. Sorcer A perfect combination of superior public relations and technology, Mr. Sorcer is a prominent astrologer, practicing his expertise in the field of Vedic astrology since the year With a remarkable intuitive power and understanding of human nature, Mr. Sorcer in his own words is born to be an astrologer. He worked with an international media company for over a decade, but his quench to grow as an astrologer and to make the lives of people meaningful through proper guidance and prognosis, led him to take up Vedic astrology as a full time career.


He obtained certification in Jyotish Kobid and is extensively involved in practice and research on Vedic astrology. He even masters other branches of Vedic Astrology like palmistry, graphology and numerology. Sorcer is exclusively associated with Cyber Astro and providing Live and Schedule consultation to Cyber Astro members from years. He is specializes in almost all personalized reports and is known for precision and accuracy in his predictions. He founded Cyberastro Limited in with a vision that through internet it will be possible to provide healing services with the help of Vedic astrology, to every corner of the globe.

In his own words, he discovered the power of internet in The same year he devoted 15 hours everyday to serious and professional study of Vedic astrology. He is a graduate in electrical engineering and PG in Marketing Management. He had hold key positions in IT industry and then became an entrepreneur and started his own software development companies. He had always been ahead of his time and was developing cutting edge software in data base development and GIS services even as early as Today his vision has turned into a reality. We have more than thousand members in countries around the world.

To solve people's problems has become the sole purpose of his life. He believe that the right code of conduct with the right method at right time to perform a task always aid success whether in a career, business, marriage or personal life. He is having of 10 years experience and exclusively associated with Cyber Astro to provide astrological guidance to its members through Live and schedule counselling session.

Astrological remedies suggested by him benefited lots of people around the globe. Jupiter Transit Report On 5th November , major transit of year will take place when planet Jupiter will transit in to own sign Sagittarius for next one year. There is nothing in your life is not mentioned in astrology. In astrology, light symbolizes individuality, whereas night refers to partnership. I shall wait for others to answer and finally i shall give my consolidated opinion. Mercury in transit is crossing over the 8th from your Moon-sign.

The planets are the conscious aspects of the divine, in fact, the planets are celestial beings. Planets are important in Vedic Astrology to control as well as nourish human life. Vedic astrology predictions about birth of a child given by a well experienced Vedic astrologer may be accurate. Effects of Ketu Dasha or Ketu Mahadasha in one's life can be analyzed broadly on the basis of the house that Ketu is placed, in one's natal horoscope. There is no evidence that stars can predict the future.

Horary astrology determines the auspicious. A well-fortified 10th house will often give someone an executive position whether this is recognized by the masses or not. Along with a very good knowledge of this subject astrology and an in depth understanding of astrological principles coupled with application of commonsense and wisdom a good astrologer can predict future events with higher amount of accuracy. Love or Arranged Marriage Prediction. It is in Ten Parts with 24 Annexures. Pisces horoscope prediction: July We also have an Aquarius Full Moon loaded with relationship aspects, the Sun and Venus aspecting almost every slow planet in the sky, and two new aspect patterns!.

When will I be able to sell my property and at good price? For your own edification, you might try comparing astrology to the other characteristics of pseudoscience we discussed in the previous class. Prediction based on Planet: If Dashmesh is weak or staying into enemy's house then Mother in law having cheap behavior.

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Spouse Prediction Astrology-Beautiful Wife and Handsome Husband by date of birth and Time - Astrologylover July 5, at am We have already discussed about Beautiful wife by astrology in a detail way but Here we are going to use a composite method to do spouse prediction astrology. Free marriage prediction by astrology You can determine your free marriage prediction by yourself following the rules below.

In Prashari Astrology the Sun, apart from being karka for father, is Atmakarka for each and every horoscope but according to Jaimini the Sun may be Atmakarka in one horoscope but in the next horoscope the Sun may become Daiv karka or any other amongst the list.

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More seriously, it is the Law of Attraction intention setting using astrological timing in the high energy just after the New Moon. The deity is masculine, but rules women and mothers, and signifies the feminine qualities. People oppose things because they are ignorant of them. Astrology is designed in a set of rules based on dedication, diligence, and observation of many years by the astrologers. The actors are the planets- they move and have the most importance. Have a great year.

This is how astrology predictions are made. According to some enthusiasts, Numerology deals with the practical application of the elementary laws of mathematics to the material existence of mankind. Includes historical gold price data and historical trend charts. There could be danger to the physical saftey to the father-in-law, whose son-in-law's Jenma Nakshatra is Magham.

This may be 'getting on' in high society, or just doing well in your chosen field. If you are planning to have a baby, then learn about the astrological indicators of having a healthy baby. You can find your fortune in the predictions of Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope provided by Truthstar. Astrology predictions conclude that child birth is promised if your 5th cusp is in a fruitful sign like Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces. But the 9th House in astrology also touches closer to home by looking at an expanded aspect of your family: your in-laws. Thus, by mixing Physics with Astrology, we will destroy both of them.

Every time an astrologer looks at a chart and predicts for a client or in an article he or she is probably improperly using this Spirit of Astrology.

Similarly planet in the even sign will continue to be placed in even sign Trimsamsa of the ruling planet in D chart. Get online marriage prediction, my marriage astrology and marriage horoscope by date of birth.


Yearly Horoscope for your Moon Sign/ Rashi as per Vedic Astrology

The goal of OPA certification is to improve the lives of professional astrologers while bringing better astrology to the world as a whole. The Law of Attraction is the law of the universe, that what comes into our lives is what we attract. Libra Pluto loves art and they respond best to the art that makes a strong impression on the viewer. It may seem like you have been doing this 'soul growth' forever, but at some point, the universe and natural law gives us a break and this is it! Perinjanam Hareesh Raveendra - is specialized in Jyotisha and is one of the well-known astrologers in Kerala.

It is basically a kind and benevolent planet. We provide you best of services in astrology will guide you Marriage Prediction Free. Introduction The concept of astrology can be traced back to the third century BC. World predictions ,Predictions for world events,May horoscopes ,Trump Inauguration, Pluto in Capricorn, planetary cycles, monthly May horoscopes, Saturn Capricorn, Caprincorn Pluto,aries May horoscope, taurus May horoscope, gemini May horoscope. The weekly horoscope acts as a planner for those who are eager to decipher the opportunities coming their way.

Astrology has a lot of things to guide you. For all living beings Sun represents the positive and primal front whereas the. It appears like a blue ball with 3 yellow rings. The astrological predictions about the future in-laws of someone, or the solutions to the existing problems with any of one's in-laws, are generated after extensive observation and critical analysis of the statuses of the houses related with one's in-laws, and the nature and qualities of the planets located in these houses.

With Leo astrology predictions, you can easily plan the entire year in advance. Among relations between members of boy's family and girl's family the daughter-in-law and mother-in-law relation carries great importance in terms of domestic peace and harmony. Can the principles of the secret and the law of attraction coexist with astrological principles? There is a seemingly contradiction between astrology and the laws of attraction.

They communicate on a variety of levels. Libra horoscope prediction January Jessica Adams, Cosmo's psychic astrologer reveals what the stars have in store for Libra in January …. There may be a fifth section, that of prediction of success for business companies, projects, etc. Wisdom, patience, knowledge of sciences and arts are represented by Jupiter. August 21st, you'll look to take up studies that will give you a leg up in business, particularly in the areas of law and marketing. You will find references to astrological symbolism in literature, art, music and other cultural expressions.

She is known as Hestia in Greek mythology and is the sister of Zeus and the last born of Kronus and Rhea. Planet Saturn in Astrology is a planet of Justice. Vedic laws not only govern our conduct, they are also intended to carry out social policies. It should not be difficult to guess whether it is possible to ascertain the date of death of someone in advance through astrology even if we may not be an astrologer the same way as it is not difficult to tell whether life of someone whose kidney.

Know about your married life, marriage age, time, direction, love or arranged marriage and many more. The relationship of Moon with cruel and malefic planets. If you are open with your astrologer concerning your addiction the more understanding you will receive in understanding the various manifestations of your astrology symbols and coping with your compulsions. Mr Anand's prediction that i would start my own business April 01, since march was my last date of association with sterling silver ltd as their chief executive and thus i started my own consultancy organization and advertising company.

While most of the predictions we see in the paper are fairly benign guesses, there is still concern among some Christian groups about astrology. Everything is fair in love and war will be your mantra. Ganesha says you should win over your sweetheart and set out on a journey toward a destination unknown.

Today is going to be a mundane day for you with nothing remarkable happening on any front. But Ganesha advises you to not lose heart as planetary movements indicate there may be a change coming soon, most likely a good one. So cheer up and look forward to tomorrow. Your ideas are going to hit the spot today. Everything you touch turns into gold. The time is now and you have it on target today! You have it in you to make it big. Ganesha says it time to bring the saying 'when the going gets tough, the tough get going' in action. You will be your creative best today. For lesser mortals, it takes inspiration, perspiration and a lot of desperation to come up with something creative.

However, you remember the lessons from your past efforts so use them today to reach new heights, says Ganesha. Jai Madaan tells us how to deal and what to do if you feel stuck in a relationship. Watch the video to know more.

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