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Start with its all-inclusive nature instead of from our own limited position and understanding. I see this USA centricity in many videos and podcasts. The cherry picking about natal factors is also true.

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Many astrologers confidently predicted a Hillary victory, and once Trump won, suddenly discovered all kinds of factors that favored him all along. Accurate prediction is the key metric of astrological skill. Very thought provoking — leaves me with many questions. I find it helpful when examples are given. This conversation, while most intriguing left me wanting to hear how the natal placements under the beams aka combust the Sun play out. One planet dominates the other and neither is singularly expressed? Is this just more prominent with the Sun?

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Seems too, that a New Moon which is not cazimi less than one degree orb? This would be the most pronounced example? Under the beams is not usually seen as favorable.

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I find it interesting that a planet under the rays was described as an internalized energy-more of the Mind than of the Earthly expression. Would this be similar to a retrograde in natal placement? And lastly, my guess is that a lot of people have Mercury under the rays — any comment on this? I am one of them, trine Moon to boot , and since it is ASC ruler have always been sensitive to this discussion. Dear Jen: Maybe this will help. So if the question is to know something about you, personally, then you have Virgo rising I think you mentioned this in an old comment in a previous podcast , so you are in life to analyze yourself, and you do this via Mercury, ruling Virgo.

We now have a way of examining Mercury, or a reason for examining him, so we can derive information. So you analyze the self through the activities of the house where Mercury is located. You also get help from Sun-type people and conditions, as well as from Moon-type people and conditions and past experiences. Thanks John. I like the idea that Sun type people are helpful. Has been true for me. Like this approach.

Chris and Michael thank you for an interesting discussion that called attention to the significance of the Sun and Light. I think you should have mentioned the work of the astrologer Dane Rudhyar.

For those not familiar with him he was the consummate philosopher of astrology who called us to a solar and a galactic perspective of the art. This was an amazing podcast. The discussions on each podcast are always interesting but this one really resonated.

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Thank you Chris and Michael. It seems that, for example, Aries above the equator would have the same seasonal properties of light as Libra below the equator. Would we therefore interpret planets in Aries north of the equator as having the same significance as planets in Libra south of the equator? The question I was posing to people for a few years is: what makes the vernal point a reliable symbolic starting point for the tropical zodiac that is true in both the northern and southern hemisphere.

Answer that and you solve the problem, more or less. Just when I thought it solved the dilemma of being tied to the seasons and all the symbolic correspondence that way this issue of decreasing and increasing light comes up and blows it all out of the water again. I think it is important to remember where astrology originated — in the Northern hemishpere — and then to ask a Southern hemishpere astrologer why the symbolic language still works for them — when Aries is the turn toward darkness and not light. To my mind the answer is in how these astrologers use this northern hemisphere system and still see it work.

Chris, This is why I like you.


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You say straight up this is troubling. Good for you. I am out of my depth here a bit but it seems to me one could ask why the Equinox of the Northern Spring and not the Equinox of Autumn?

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What is of parity is that they are both equinoxes. Toggle navigation 0. Start here. Shop by Category. Shop by Brand. View Cart 0 0. Fomalhaut as seen from Hubble. Mirrors and windows. Stories and the ideologies we've inherited. If trauma and powerful life events can leave imprints then the birth moment has the ability to leave the deepest impression. But with an understanding of our astrology we have an outsider's lens.

The ability to say, "Ohhh, this is my web, my matrix, it's beautiful and full of potential. And I can live out the stories contained in these shimmering points in the most relevant and positive ways. Our conjunctions, trines, aspects, etc. Because really, the most powerful choice we have is the choice of perception. It's my story. It's my experience of the shimmering intersections of beauty and potential.

I don't believe the astrological interpretation that a planet's energy is weakened by the sun. It's filtered through the sun, made bigger, entangled in the healthy development of the ego. The door in the trees is a passageway. Right now it's the sun moving through Leo. It Mercury making his move. A trine in the element of fire makes magic, burns away the old, makes smoke and casts spells. New stories around healing and nurturing are made through this fire. If he doesnt know make him call his momma You can order your natal chart at www.

I do them by hand. This is always open. You may not want to do it but you wont pike out either. And which of your houses Saturn in Capricorn is currently transiting? September Please join us for this lunar focused astrological wellness retreat. Under the waxing crescent moon, we will gather for a multiple day retreat focused on accessing the depths of our lunar selves.

Each attendee will be given a copy of their natal astrological chart. The natal chart will be used to decipher the role of the moon in your life, as well as the complexities and uniqueness of your moon self. Through various teachings and activities, we will uncover how each of us can better utilize the powers of our moon beings in our daily lives to achieve greater fulfillment and wellness.

Expect to learn about and experience the following:. Tema slobode izbora je jako aktuelna u Novom Dobu. Prelazak Zemlje na visi nivo svjesnosti je simbol Urana. Ova planeta dodatno fascinira, ako znamo da Je njegova pozicija nakon Saturna- Karmickog ucitelja; kad savladamo karmicke lekcije- dobijamo priliku za slobodu.

Tamo gdje je Uran u horoskopu zelimo da smo kreativni, autenticni. Ako tranzitira ili je u prvoj kuci- potreba da individualnost i kreativnost nadjacava druge vidove idpoljavanja licnosti. U drugoj kuci horoskopa- neuobicajen je nacin na koji ostvarujemo zaradu, ali i imamo neobicne talente. Kad se nadje u 3. Kuci, imate moc obzervacije na nivou Sherlocka HolmesA. Kuci- vas dom odise vizionarskim stilom gradnje ili dekorisanja, ili se prosto cesto selite.

Kada se ljubavna desavanje nestalna, hirovita i sl, a pri tom ste jako kreativni-Uran je ili tranzitira 5. Ukoliko nemate potrebu da se zadrzite dugo na jednom radnom mjestu- 6. Kuca ima Urana. Sa pozicijom u 7. Kuci- nasi partneri su neobicni ljudi, stranci na neki od nacina.

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Uran u 8. Kuci nije dobra pozicija za politicare- podrska drugih promjenjiva. Uran u 9. Je sjajan za oblasti medija, univerziteta, putovanja, itd.

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Tesko da ce vam karijera biti utabana staza sa Uranom u Prirodno staniste Urana je Kuca Vodolija - to su prijatelji koje ne morate svaki dan vidjeti, ali su vam uvijek u srcu. Uran u Kuci moze dati neobicne prosle zivote ili cudne obrasce sna. Electional astrology is an amazing tool, picking the best date and time to do things is second nature to astrologers. Petak je Venerin dan. Simbol Venere je suncani krug ili krug svjesnosti iznad krsta materije, te se odnosi na osvjescivanje materijalnih potreba, nagona, cula Predictive , natal and carmic astrology interpretations: zana.

He'll battle Saturn, for sure, but he'll win! Which profession would you recommend?

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Let me see my career list, we'll find something.